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Sundown Chat Adele Painting Watercolour

If I work from home I'll stay in my pyjamas until the end of the day 

Adele is a multi-talented art director and illustrator living in Shoreditch with boyfriend Nico and cat Shere Khan.

Passionate about sketching and the creative process, she happily shared with us her top inspirational tips and tricks.


3 steps morning routine

When I wake up I’ll have a look at the news in bed. I usually just browse unless an article really catches my attention.

Then my cat comes in and asks for a cuddle - sometimes taking a last-minute nap on my head!

If I work from home I’ll stay in my pyjamas until the end of the day. 

Sundown Chat Adele Mouse Plants

Adele's unique Hamlet mouse with other bits and bobs

3 steps evening routine

My evening starts when Nico comes home from work. I cook ourselves a nice veggie meal, usually some Indian dal or curry. Although we have loads of cookbooks I never opened one - I’d rather trust my gut feeling.

We usually watch a series while eating. At the moment we’re into the season 2 of Stranger Things - it’s so compelling!

I’m definitely an evening person - I always feel like I’m only properly awake past 6 pm. I go to bed at the same time as Nico, but when he’s asleep I secretly surf on Instagram until I doze off with infinite inspirational imagery in my head. 

Sundown Chat Adele Carton à dessin

Going through life-drawing art

Top 3 creative moments at home

I commit to small crafty projects with self-imposed deadlines. If I don’t, I find myself doodling and not doing any worthy work! I got married last October and there were lots of small projects for the D-day - embroidered slippers for the bride, personalised denim jackets for bridesmaids, macrame decorations - that I worked on at night.

I often go to Colombia road flower market on Sunday, bringing back flowers to paint from. I keep them until they dry out - last year I was obsessed with painting watercolours of dying flowers. They actually create way more interesting shapes when they loose their perfect symmetries.

I always try to develop my various craft skills, whether it’s crocheting, sewing, painting, macramé… Last year I did a course in wood carving and cabinet-making with The Princess School of Traditional Arts. It was amazing, but it’s a difficult skill to pursue at home!

Sundown Chat Adele Pegboard Moodboard

The artist's mood/pegboard

Top 3 relaxing moments and habits

At night l draw while watching movies - last night I watched the old Blade Runner (1982) directed by Ridley Scott. I love retro-futuristic worlds, where we see how they imagined what 2019 would look like back in the 80s. So funny.

I take a bubble-bath with a glass of wine - my cat sitting in the washbasin looking over me. It’s a classic but always an effective one!

I love to read essays or theories about personal development. My last recommandation is Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. I found it so inspirational I’ve even bought copies to a few creative friends. It’s all about creative living and overcoming fear.

Sundown Chat Adele Painting Watercolour

Watercolour practice

Secret life hacks

I have a big wood pallet on my desk that I use as a pegboard for my creative moodboard of the moment.

Most treasured possession

The easel who belonged to my great grandfather who was a very prolific commercial painter and artist.

Sundown Chat Adele Easel Grand-father

Adele's easel as a mirror holder

Worst pyjama set

I’ve never owned pyjamas - I wear t-shirts and old sweatpants. The most difficult time about it is when I open the door to the Ocado guy, without makeup nor hairdo and I look like a drugged up teenager. They’ve actually asked for my ID once. True story. I’m 31.

Dream home outfit

It has to be stretchy and super comfortable. I always sit down in most randoms ways and being able to easily cross legs is crucial. And it also requires a top that doesn’t require a bra to look decent!

Culture vulture - Adele’s current recommandations:

Last series:

Channel 4’s The end of the f***ing world about two teenagers accidentally committing murder. It’s a dark but enthralling story, I recommend it.

Last book:

Show your work! by Austin Kleon. It pushes you to stop feeling guilty about your work, and it gave me the courage to showcase my illustrations. At the moment I’m exhibiting at the Climbing Castle on Green Lanes.

Last movie:

Murder on the Orient Express (2017) by Kenneth Branagh - a quite good in camera movie. Even though I had read it as a child I didn’t remember the end - I have an extremely bad memory when it comes to movies or books!

Last recipe:

Stuffed butternut with stilton, mushrooms and walnuts. Generous veggie food is what I aim for!

Last playlist:

At the moment I’m really into Chromeo - it makes you feel good, gives you energy and makes you want to dance.

Favourite Insta accounts:

@jeninuferu - it’s bold, colourful, simple and sharp. It inspires me to be braver. On the other hand @christinamrozikart has a beautiful mix of plants, animals and organic shapes, closer to an Art Nouveau style that I can really relate to.

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