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Sundown Chat Judith Drawing

"When Pierre isn’t here at night I secretly binge on Netflix and Amazon series"


Judith is a fantastic Product & UX designer living with boyfriend Pierre near Finsbury Park.

Tongue-in-cheek and trenchant, she shared with us her passion for forest animals and everything soviet.


3 steps morning routine

I find it extremely hard to get up. I put on 10 different morning alarms to make sure I’m up on time.

When I’m finally up, I make myself a jam toast, and on celebratory days, I bake pancakes.

Then I prepare my lunchbox - which usually consists of veggies and rice - and I’m gone!

 Sundown Chat Judith Plant Cat

Hands up plant and cat lovers!

3 steps evening routine

The minute I get home, I take a really hot shower. It has to be a proper one where the bathroom turns into a steam sauna and you can’t see a thing!

I cook dinner, something quick and easy, while listening to The Food Program on BBC4. Food is sacred and with Pierre we try to keep meal times distraction-free.

I then usually read on the sofa. When choosing a book I’m always on the lookout for signs of destiny - last year I had an epiphany while I was traveling to Nepal, so at the moment I’m really into mountaineering books. I’ve just finished The Climb by Anatoli Boukreev.

 Judith's personal stuff: books, music, 3D prints and animals

 Judith's personal stuff: Animals, cynical board games and 3D prints

Top 3 creative moments at home

I go to see exhibitions every week-end - my favourites galleries being Stolen Space in Shoreditch and Beetles+Huxley in Piccadilly - so at night I’m always planning for which one to see next.

I find lino-cutting deeply relaxing, so when I have time, I work up my cutting skills. I’m obsessed with death and forest animals, my last project was a lino-cut English hunting scene.

Pierre and I make our own furniture and at the moment we’re researching colours and materials for a vinyl storage cabinet which we will probably make in Hackney Hackspace.

 Sundown Chat Judith Working on Sketchbook

Working from a sketchbook

Top 3 relaxing moments at home

After work, I often go for a night walk to clear up my mind, and I somehow always end up in Get Stuffed, the taxidermy shop in Angel. I love old stuff that stay around and taxidermy is a personal passion.

To relax, I watch historical documentaries on TV - at the moment I’m into Apocalypse, the way it’s narrated really grips me. When Pierre isn’t here at night I secretly binge on Netflix and Amazon series.

I find that digital showrooming is a good way to unwind, and Ebay is my magic destination! I nurture a fascination for soviet pins and badges - notably the ones that Tchernobyl liquidators got rewarded with - and it’s the best place to find these little graphic gems.

 Sundown Chat Judith Tea Set Wax fabric

Judith's perfect hosting amenities

Secret life-hack

The story of my life is to find discarded treasures during my city walks. You’ll be amazed by the good condition and quality of what you find when you open your eyes to what is left out on the streets.

Most treasured possession

My family of ceramic foxes that I got from the 1000 Toriis Temple in Kyoto. They’re supposed to bring you good luck in love, and you have to take them back to the temple once you get married. I love it when animals are dressed as humans!

 Sundown Chat Judith Family of foxes

Judith's favourite Japanese family of foxes

Worst pyjama set

A few months back I went on a business trip with colleagues and at night everyone had the same set of tartan bottoms and cheesy affirmation tee. We felt like grown-ups dressed by mums - quite embarrassing!

Dream home outfit

It has to be warm and nice enough to shout “I take good care of myself”.

Culture vulture - Judith’s current recommandations

Last playlist:

Psychspoltation (2009) by Satan’s Pilgrims. It’s feel-good surf garage.

Last book:

Russian criminal tattoo encyclopaedia vol. 1 by Danzig Baldaev. I’m really into Russian secret societies.

Last movie:

Peggy Guggenheim: art addict (2015) by Lisa Immordino Vreeland. Peggys’s character is so interesting and unique, it makes the whole movie really cool.

Last recipe:

Last night I baked a delicious tomato pie with caramelized oignons, and a salad on the side. It’s my French side taking up.

Favourite instagram account:

C215 @Christianguemy is a street artist who has an incredible cutting technique that I truly admire.

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