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Sundown Chat Natalie with Print


« I collect a lot of things, natural ephemera, pens, jelly moulds, toast racks [...] I put some of my collections on proper little displays around the house »


Natalie is a captivating fine-artist living in North London with husband Alasdair and cat Oscar.

Her house is full of beautiful art and small objects collections. She shared with us her passion for glass jelly moulds and plant cutting.


3 steps morning routine

When I wake up, I’ll go and make the tea - I always need 2 cups in bed before I can do anything!

If I’m not exercising, I listen to the radio and scroll through Instagram.

Then I get ready and cycle via the canal to my Hackney Wick studio - that way I can get a bit of nature in the morning.

Sundown Chat Natalie by the side of the sofa

Accumulation of visual research

3 steps evening routine

At night I spend some time cooking with Alasdair. We love cooking, and have a full shelf of cookbooks! One of our go-to book is My Vietnamese Kitchen. We have classic weekday recipes, and at week-ends we try new stuff that eventually make their way into the weekday bundle.

We’re watching a lot of series, at the moment we’re into Curb your enthusiasm by Larry David on Now TV - it’s hilarious. And Master Chef has just started off again - exciting times!

I usually draw in front of the TV. I’m inspired by mysterious-looking structures that don’t present themselves straight away. I start with broken and disintegrated patterns, then I let my subconscious do its work and I welcome the things that come through.

Sundown Chat Natalie 3D shape experiment

Experimenting with organic 3D structures

Top 3 creative moments at home

I enjoy spending time in the garden - planting, growing, tidying up. I grow a lot of vegetables, and I like to create a little environment for myself there.

I collect a lot of things, natural ephemera, pens, jelly moulds, toast racks - that I use to display my drawings, old bottles - where I put necklaces in like genies - old fishing nets… I put some of my collections on proper little displays around the house.

I’m really inspired by science. The other day I was reading a William Reich book that lead me into watching The secret of water, a fantastic documentary on Viktor Schauberger - an Austrian scientist whose work on bio-mimicry truly resonated with mine.

Sundown Chat Natalie Cat Oscar

Oscar's throne

Top 3 relaxing moments and habits

I hang out with Oscar, he’s my little friend I love him so much!

I listen to music a lot. I’m an indie girl and I’ve only recently started to listen to jazz. I discover new bands online and also read stuff on Pitchfork for inspiration.

I’ve got all my art books at home, so I spend time looking at pictures and reading about other artists.

Sundown Chat Natalie Collections

Natalie's collection of knitting needles and various ephemera

Secret life hacks

I’m a master of flower cutting. You take the bottom leaves off, leave the top 2 leaves, cut with a scalpel just below a new stem start, then put it in water for a few weeks until the roots come up.

Most treasured possession

My rings - I have my engagement ring my friend Beth Legg designed for me, and a ring from each of my grannies.

Sundown Chat Natalie Doodling

The artist at home

Worst pyjama set 

When I started going out with Alasdair, I was wearing shorts to sleep and he used to call them “asexual shorts” so I decided to wear nighties again!

Dream home outfit

I would love a kaftan type thing. I have a kimono but it gets caught on stuff around the house - not so practical.

Culture vulture - Natalie's current recommandations

Last series:

We switched from Netflix to Now TV to be able to watch Twin Peaks. The new season is much gorier than the previous ones, and it’s really really weird. I kept thinking “what is actually going on?”

Last book:

Rabbit at rest by John Updike and The hidden reality by Brian Greene. I love essays but I need a fiction thing on the go or I’ll get a bit bored!

Last movie:

Death of Stalin by Armando Iannucci. It’s quite funny and dark, I liked it.

Last recipe:

Daily dosa with coconut potatoes by Meerha Sodha. Her Fresh India book is full of heartening and delicious recipes.

Last album:

Strangeways, Here we come by the Smiths. An all-time classic!

Favourite Instagram accounts:

@clairemorganstudio - I love her work, I think it’s really good - and @Gasgallery - they represent my work ;)

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